Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

Your Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist
Create A Swimming Pool Maintenance Checklist

To enjoy your pool, it’s sadly not as simple as diving right in. If your pool isn’t clean and safe, you won’t have much fun in the sun this summer. A pool maintenance checklist is the key to keeping your pool looking great and staying functional for your family’s pleasure all season long.

By regular cleaning to managing the pool water pH balance, there is a lot required in maintaining a swimming pool. However, it’s worth it for the many hours of enjoyment your family will have this summer at your poolside. Here are a few to-dos you can add to your swimming pool maintenance checklist!

Pool Maintenance Checklist

Does routine pool maintenance seem like something you just don’t have time for this summer? Time to hire someone who can help. Contact Leisure Pools a pool maintenance specialist today for a quote on their different options that they offer in your area, for free!

Maintain A Swimming pool

Maintain Your Swimming Pool

You can only enjoy your family swimming pool if it’s clean and well maintained. I recommend sticking to a scheduled Pool Maintenance Checklist from Leisure Pools that you can follow throughout the summer, to keep your pool in the best shape. Swimming pool maintenance tasks you should plan for regularly are:

  • Skimming & Cleaning
  • Checking Pool Water Chemical levels
  • Installing A Pool Cover to Minimise Water Evaporation
  • Applying Chemical Shocking As Needed
  • Adding Security to Limit Access for the Little Ones
  • Keeping The Pool Area Clean and tidy

1. Skim & Clean Your Pool

This might seem like a simple task, but skimming and cleaning your swimming pool must be undertaken regularly to keep up with the other maintenance tasks necessary to a healthy pool. It’s recommended that you skim your pool daily, to keep any debris, bugs and dirt from building up in the bottom of your pool.

You’ll also need a do a pool vacuum to get out any debris or build-up on the bottom of the pool every other day. If this task is too taxing on you, try using a robotic pool vacuum to make it easier on you.

If by implementing your regular pool maintenance checklist maintenance plan is time consuming. It might be a good idea to connect with a local pool contractor like Leisure Pools so you have someone available on a weekly basis or if you’re leaving for a longer vacation. 

The average cost to maintain a pool is R650, with most homeowners spending between R325 to R950.

2. Checking Your Pool Chemicals

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as putting water in a swimming pool and going for a swim. You must add pool chemicals to the water, such as chlorine, to make sure the water is clean. Because of mother nature, the chemical makeup of the pool can change throughout the week. The three main chemical levels you’ll want to focus on is pH balance, alkalinity and chlorine.

While we can change the recommended chemical levels based on the size and type of pool, you will want to make sure everything checks out OK. If your levels are off, it can cause sickness or skin irritation, and pool damage. Invest in a pool water test kit and test your water every two to three days, especially after a big storm or if your pool will be used more frequently.

Cover Your Swimming Pool

3. Install A Swimming Pool Cover

One way to keep debris out and a pool warm is by installing a swimming pool cover. This can make your pool chores easier. Solar pool covers not only use sunlight to keep the water at a comfortable temperature, but they can also keep out bugs, leaves and more. It’s a worthwhile investment! Solar swimming pool covers cost between R1000 to R12000 depending on the size of pool you have.

4. Shock Your Swimming Pool As Needed

While you don’t need to chemically shock your pool as often as other maintenance tasks, it should be done regularly. By adding a high amount of chlorine to a pool, you can kill bacteria that is living in the water. You may notice that your pool is ready for this if you see your water becoming cloudy or if there is algae build up.

You should also consider chemical shocking of your swimming pool after a party. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, so you don’t harm the pool or swimmers.

Swimming Pool Safety

5. Add Security Features

Pool safety is one of the most important aspects of maintenance. If you have yet to add lighting features, do so now. A fence is also important, especially if you have children or pets. If you have a fence, inspect it regularly and make sure the gate has a secure lock, so no one can enter without your knowledge.

6. Keep The Pool Deck Clean

Another safety hazard that should looked after is your pool paving area. Toys, inflatables and pool noodles seem to always end up staying in the pool paving area as they rarely get put away. Make cleaning up the pool area a part of families maintenance routine. These could easily become ways people can trip and fall, near or in the pool.

You will also want to sweep your pool paving to keep leaves, rocks and dirt from getting close to your pool. This can cut down on the time you spend skimming your pool weekly.

7. Use Your Pool

Last but not least, be sure to use your pool! It’s a lot of work to maintain a safe pool, so to ensure you enjoy all of your efforts and labour by getting outside as much as possible as a family and make a splash.


Pool maintenance is very important for any pool owner. Creating a Pool Maintenance Checklist can help you stay on track with what needs to be done, so everyone can enjoy their time swimming. If you need help, always remember that there are pool professionals available to help to make maintaining your swimming pool much less of a burden!

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