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leisure pools

Leisure Pools is situated opposite Mini Market parking in Somerset West.

Having been in the swimming pool business since 1985, our knowledge and understanding of the climatic conditions that affect your pool are substantial. We enter into contract agreements with our clients for time periods of your choice. With four teams available, your pool will be maintained and kept up to our high standards.

Visit our shop for all your swimming pool requirements.

our mission statement

We will make your pool the best on the block.

Everyone values good service at a reasonable rate, and here at the PoolShop in Somerset West, we are no different. We promise you will get top quality service at the most reasonable prices! Whether you need something as simple as chlorine for your pool, or your pH balanced, we are the people for the job. Having been in the pool business for many years, our experienced staff have always left our customers satisfied.

So, give us a call and let us put together a service contract to manage your pool for you. Let us take your outside living area to the next level, allowing you to further enjoy having a well maintained swimming pool.

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